Volunteer Hall of Fame 2010-2011

Picture of Julieo Martin Arthur -
Julieo Martin

Julieo’s volunteer efforts help both students and teachers accomplish their goals at Arthur. She shares her talents in kindergarten and second grade classrooms and is always ‘on call’ for other needs. Julieo pays close attention to the needs of students and works closely with teachers to best address each one.

PIcture of Judith McNiel Cleveland -
Judith McNiel

Judy is a consistent and dependable volunteer who helps to ensure that the learning goals of Cleveland students are met by contributing both in the classroom and away from it. She helps with 3rd grade “Rainbow Phrases,” chaperones field trips, and assists with such classroom projects as the 911 simulator day with the CR Fire Department.

Picture of Tom Fruehling Coolidge -
Tom Fruehling

If it involves reading, Coolidge neighbor, Tom, will be there! He can regularly be found reading to students, teaching students about reading, and even donating incentives to encourage reading. Tom also helps with field day, works in the school store, serves as a crossing guard, and has appeared in cameo roles in school plays and musicals.

Picture of Esther Wilson Erskine -
Esther Wilson

Mrs. Wilson is known to staff and students at Erskine for her ‘flip its,’ a tool she developed to encourage students to practice basic math facts at home. She’s readily willing to work with students one-on-one or in small groups and regularly participates with the school community in intervention block activities. As a retired teacher she is uniquely able to provide valuable feedback to grade level teams following her volunteer time with students.   

Picture of E. Chase Johnson Garfield -
E. Chase Johnson

Not every retired college professor would be interested in helping elementary students hone their spelling and math skills. Chase isn’t ‘every’ retired college professor. He not only mentors on skill development he also coordinates and leads an after-school German Club, allowing fourth and fifth grade students to learn more about the culture, history, and language of his home country. The students and entire Garfield community have been enriched by his involvement at school. (And as an aside, during his college years, Chase hosted a radio show with his University of Nebraska fraternity brother - Johnny Carson!)

Picture of Jennifer Pettyjohn Grant -
Jennifer Pettyjohn

Jennifer works well with alternative kindergarten students whether one-on-one, in small groups, or in big groups. Her extra set of hands allows the teacher to focus on the classroom and helps the students meet academic and social development goals.  She is also willing to volunteer at special school events and to help chaperone field trips. At Grant, she’s known as the type of volunteer every teacher dreams of having!

Picture of Jillian Knutson

Grant Wood -
Jillian Knutson

Each week, Jillian can be found working with students on math or reading. She also helps with class parties, field trips, the Wise Owl program, Speak Up, the Ice Cream Social, and the carnival. Jillian is a dependable volunteer who is trusted by the staff to get a job done right the first time. If she sees a need, she tries to meet it while always wearing a smile.

Picture of Joan Ledesma Harrison -
Joan Ledesma

Joan brings kindness and patience to her volunteer work with students. She focuses on helping children learn a concept and then takes time to follow up with reinforcing support. She is recognized and appreciated at Harrison for being consistent and dependable, efficient and confidential.

Picture of Anna Leno Hiawatha -
Anna Leno

Anna works with first and second grade students to facilitate the Pen Pal Program with Rockwell Collins. She also helps to organize meals for teachers at conference times, assists teachers with class parties, and manages the school’s Scrip program. As the school’s liaison to the Rockwell business partnership, she also regularly helps to identify Rockwell volunteers to help meet school learning needs.

Picture of Judy Schreur Hoover -
Judy Schreur

While Judy is volunteering in the Hoover library she is very attentive to student needs. She brings a warm and friendly attitude to each student’s search for the perfect book. Her efforts also help keep school library materials well organized and available for all. As if that wasn’t enough, Judy further supports the staff and students by noticing whatever else needs to be done by a volunteer and efficiently taking care of the task.

Picture of Maricela Lyle

Jackson -
Maricela Lyle

Maricela is described by staff members as being, “All About Kids” in her tireless efforts at Jackson. She currently volunteers in several classrooms, at various grade levels, and works with students both one-on-one and in small groups. She also supports field trips and special events. Some teachers believe she can read a teacher’s mind because she has proven so skilled at anticipating what needs to be done and then doing it!

Picture of Leah Ferring Johnson -
Leah Ferring

Leah is a behind-the-scenes volunteer, responsible for compiling the important communication packets that go home to families each week. She also works with the Johnson facilitator to help meet special needs and regularly provides creative incentive tokens for students by coordinating the collection of product labels and box tops.  All of this happens even as she juggles her busy family life at home which includes having four children at four different schools.

Picture of Karen White Kenwood -
Karen White

Karen, a retired librarian, volunteers to repair books that have been loved a little too much by students. She has the knowledge and ability to help the library retain materials that might otherwise need to be removed from circulation. She also spends time shelving books and helping to keep the media center organized.

Picture of Lisa Gavin Madison -
Lisa Gavin

Lisa is always ready and willing to serve. She works directly with small groups on reading comprehension strategies, fluency, and vocabulary words. An experienced volunteer, she is very comfortable guiding the group and students appreciate her patience and positive attitude. Lisa was also the driving force behind Madison’s “Kids Against Hunger” project, helping the school to raise $1,000 and bag several thousand meals for those in need overseas.

Picture of Margaret Kaut Monroe -
Margaret Kaut

Margaret routinely seeks out opportunities to support and nurture the Monroe school community. “Grandma M” reads with students and helps with tasks and activities that further reinforce reading and math skills. She also assists the young learners by kindly helping with such tasks as opening milk cartons and tying shoes. Staff count on her to help prepare learning materials by cutting, folding, filing, and copying.

Picture of Amy Thompson Thye

Nixon -
Amy Thompson Thye

Amy is a daily presence and a valuable resource at Nixon, helping with information folders, and such school events as book fair and popcorn day. She serves as PTA vice president, managing communication with families, and is the coordinator of both the Scrip and box tops programs. Additionally, Amy coordinated the school’s Friendship Directory and the spirit t-shirt sales.

Picture of Tonya Kaiser

Pierce -
Leanne Loehr
Outstanding District Volunteer

Leanne actively seeks out ways to mentor and support students who need extra help. She coordinates the Pierce school store, volunteers in the lunchroom, and helps with the roller skating program. Further, when Leanne noticed that some children were arriving at school hungry, she stepped forward to organize the Pierce Backpack Program. The program provides students in need with backpacks of food to take home each weekend. Leanne sought out and cultivated the collaborations necessary to launch and sustain the program. And, she does all of this for the school community while managing a family that includes 10 children.

PIcture of Michelle McSpadden Polk -
Michelle McSpadden

Michelle helps organize PTA, school and family events at Polk. This includes coordinating room parents and the year-end book give-away. Additionally, she organizes staff meals during conferences, and teacher appreciation week posters and treats.

Picture of Tracy Powell Taylor -
Tracy Powell

Tracy brings a “can do” attitude to all of her volunteer work at Taylor. She helps with learning needs in the classroom, arrives early to assist with field trips, serves as a room parent, and has the important role of single-handedly caring for the school fish tank. Tracy also helps fifth grade students celebrate their transition to middle school by providing a special cake and regularly surprises staff members with treats in the lounge.

Picture of Lisa Davis Truman -
Lisa Davis

Lisa has taken on a ‘semi’ lead role with the Truman Book Cart, helping to get reading-level books into the hands of all first and second grade students. She also works with the Headsprout program, and volunteers with field trips, America Reads, Fall Fitness Day, and the gymnastics program.  Additionally, Lisa coordinates the school Scrip program. Her humble dedication has become vital to the Truman school community.

Picture of Kelsey Huston Van Buren -
Kelsey Huston

A former Van Buren Charger herself, Kelsey knows her way around the school. Now a student at Mount Mercy University, she returns to Van Buren each week to volunteer in the classroom assisting groups and individual students with skill development. Kelsey shared that her joy in volunteering comes from seeing a struggling student suddenly ‘get it,’ perhaps because of her help. She knows that’s what volunteering is truly about.

Picture of Kyra Gilkison Viola Gibson -
Kyra Gilkison

From helping in the classroom on skill development to coordinating class events as a room parent, Kyra is a devoted Gibson volunteer. She assists in the lunchroom and also with Jump Rope for Heart, America Reads, picture day, the roller skating PE unit, Running Club, the student talent show, and both the fall fundraiser and spring carnival. Her most direct support to staff comes through her role as PTA president where her efforts have helped to fund study trips and learning activities.

Picture of Elaine Behrens Wilson -
Elaine Behrens

Elaine’s volunteer efforts support student needs and helps teachers keep up with such tasks as paper grading. Although officially assigned to a specific classroom, Elaine is always willing to share her time and talents with students and teachers in additional rooms. Students enjoy working with her because of the positive attitude she brings.

Picture of Jennifer Richmond Wright -
Jennifer Richmond

Jennifer shares her time listening to first graders read as a way to maintain and grow their skills. She also assists teachers with clerical work and is active in the Wright PTA. Her volunteer efforts further extend to both the Ice Cream Social and the Winter Carnival. The bonus to having Jennifer as a volunteer is the great attitude and a friendly smile she brings to each task.

Picture of Paul Salamon Franklin -
Paul Salamon

Paul works with the Franklin PACT program and is most directly involved with the Future Cities activity, spending time each day with students during that season. He also works with the engineering tech instructor to help introduce students to simple machines, focusing especially on the manipulation and recording of his own specialty area - sound. Staff members consider him an ‘extra expert’ at school. Students enjoy working with him because of his calm personality and sincere willingness to help.

Picture of Rob Riley Harding -
Rob Riley

Rob volunteers not only with his son’s grade teams but also to support fund raising efforts that benefit the entire Harding school community. Examples of his contributions include volunteering with the Baby Think it Over program, helping with the PE programming, providing meals during conferences, and – as PTA president - spearheading the development of a new PTA fine arts award to annually recognize an eighth grader.

Picture of Laura Gregory McKinley -
Laura Gregory

Laura works behind the scenes to help make McKinley an inviting and welcoming environment for students and families. A strong collaborator, she has coordinated teams to beautify the campus, fund and erect a beautiful stone school sign, organize celebratory events, and invigorate partnerships. She is a long-time member of the McKinley PTA and has also served as an officer.

Picture of Kristan Bevins Roosevelt -
Kristan Bevins

Kristan encourages and shows students how to work together and enjoys volunteering on projects that help students to develop self esteem. She is well respected by students who consider her a mentor. Additionally, she helps staff members by helping to correct papers and assisting with clerical needs. Because of her support, teachers are able to give students more individual attention.

Picture of Carrie Steimer Taft -
Carrie Steimer

Carrie has been a strong advocate for students through her work as co-president of the Taft PTA. Her reorganization of the group has helped activities to run more smoothly and to remain focused on student needs. Carrie also volunteers to check student agendas each week and maintains a leadership role in organizing the annual magazine sale.  

Picture of Kayleen Patton Jefferson -
Kayleen Patton

A contributing member of the Jefferson band parent association since 1998, Kayleen has served as a chaperone for all marching competitions and clinics each of those years. She leads the executive board of the band parents association, coordinates the carnival fundraiser and directly helps to support the transition of instrumentalists from middle to high school. It’s a family affair for the Pattons, too, as husband Steve serves as treasurer of the band parent group.

PIcture of Ken Terukina Kennedy -
Ken Terukina

A special volunteer who touches every corner of the Kennedy school community, Ken has served for more than five years as president of the athletic booster club. He is a valued fan and cheerleader, staffing the concession stand, helping with the web site, providing event photos, and serving as the ‘go to guy’ for any need. Through his leadership, the Booster Club provides both financial and energetic support to all student athletes and their families.

Picture of Katie Pahlas Metro -
Katie Pahlas

Katie has an unmatched commitment to working with the unique population of students that Metro serves. She specifically works to instill healthy, positive, decision-making skills through the Women’s Empowerment program. She has also assisted in all curricular areas and volunteered time in the health clinic. Katie’s open-mindedness and strong communication skills make her a perfect match for the Metro students and staff.

Picture of Sandy Worley Washington -
Sandy Worley

Sandy’s leadership as president of the Warrior Athletic Club and PTA, and chair of the Junior Warrior Basketball Tournament and the school spirit store, set her apart as a uniquely devoted volunteer. She also volunteered for performing arts events even though her sons did not participate in those groups. Now a ‘former’ Washington parent, Sandy continues to contribute by helping PTA to follow up on recent graduates to develop post-secondary statistics for the school.