Support Services

Annual Report - Volunteer Services Program

Building Volunteer Programs

The Community Relations Office provides centralized support for the District's decentralized building volunteer programs. Following is a link to this year’s list of building volunteer coordinators.

Community Resource Center

The Community Relations Office works with teachers to recruit, schedule, and confirm presentations with individuals who, because of their skills, expertise, or profession, can enrich curriculum study. They can:

Curriculum-related Field Trips and On-Site Programs

The Community Relations Office schedules all elementary curriculum-related field trips and on-site programs.

Field Experience and Observation Placements

The Community Relations Office places area college students needing a field experience and/or observation to meet requirements of education courses in which they are enrolled.

School and Community Partnerships

Partnerships are collaborative efforts to achieve mutually agreed upon goals and objectives by matching community resources to identified needs to the school system or individual school. In meeting these goals and objectives, school resources are also matched to the identified needs of a particular partner, such as a business or community group.